Press Clippings and Reviews
A sampling of the press coverage for the book, exhibition, and conference

ARTFIX Daily, September 15, 2015

The book, the exhibition, and the conference.

The Wall Street Journal Online, and in print October 29, 2015, p. D5

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Subtitled: In other languages, Lewis Carroll’s world takes a remarkable new turn.
The print edition, "Curiouser and Curiouser in Translation" is most of the page and in color. The WSJ editor in response to thanks from the Grolier staff member Susan Flamm, wrote: “All credit to Ed, though I was delighted we could run such big pictures and the sidebar. What a great idea for a show.”

Recommendation: Essential
by H. C. Williams, University of Washington
Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries (The premier source for reviews of academic books, electronic media, and Internet resources for those in higher education)
April, 2016

This fascinating three-volume set provides a wealth of insight into the world of translations of Alice in Wonderland. The essays in volume 1 include general treatments of Carroll, Alice Liddell, and the translations of Alice. The bulk of the essays examine translations of Alice into more than 200 languages, from Afrikaans to Macedonian to Tamil to Zulu, plus English dialects, constructed languages (Esperanto, Sambahsa, and so on), and others such as Braille and shorthand. Volume 1 also features a selection of Alice covers reprinted in color. Volume 2 provides a fascinating compilation of “back translations”; each language contributor translated the same set of pages from Alice back into English, revealing cultural and linguistic variations, many of them as humorous as the original. Volume 3 is a union catalog, a bonanza of checklists of all translated volumes of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, amounting to more than 7,600 editions, issues, and reprints. Worldwide library holdings are included. The world map on the end pages reflects languages and locations of Alice translations. Indispensable for all language and translation scholars. Summing Up: Essential. Lower-division undergraduates and above.

Note: Only 3.4% of all reviewed books in the past 25 years have received their top rating "essential."

Immense Collaborative Labor of Love (Book Review)
by Jan Susina, English Dept., Illinois State University
The Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America (PBSA), volume 110.3,
September 2016

Not available online except through academic institutions. These carefully researched volumes will become a welcomed addition to reference departments, rare book libraries, and private Carroll collections.
Also see Jan Susina's review in Knight Letter, number 96, Spring 2016. The Lewis Carroll Society of North America. Not available online.

The Wonder of Alice
by Barbara Basbanes Richter
Fine Books & Collections, issue 13.4, Autumn 2015, pp. 25-31

Not available online at the FB&C web site (yet?). Subtitled "Lewis Carroll's Masterpiece has Challenged Translators, Artists, and Scholars for 150 Years. Also see "Ten Days in Wonderland" with related links in Barbara Basbanes Richter's blog.

Celebrating Alice 150: The Colloquium “Alice in Many Wonderlands” October 7-8 at the Grolier Club
by Andrea Immel
Princeton University Cotsen Children’s Library Blog, October 23, 2015

An account of the 2-day conference attended by Andrea Immel, Curator of the Cotsen Children's Library, and Minjie Chen.

Underground Adventures
by Stephanie Lovett, President, LCSNA
Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) Bulletin, November-December 2015, pp. 8-9

Cover story; subtitled: Stephanie Lovett reports on a major project in the US focusing on translations of Alice in Wonderland, including a three-volume book, exhibition and conference. An excellent summary of the three facets of the project by a leading member of the book team.

Alice in a World of Wonderlands -- A Book Review (PDF in Hebrew and English)
by Adina Bar-El
Haaretz (newspaper), Friday Sefarim section, Israel, January 1, 2016

A review in Hebrew by Adina Bar-El, the writer for the Yiddish editions in our book. She has kindly supplied the English translation for this entry.

Translating the “Untranslatable”
by Nada Kujundžić, pp. 465-467, a review of the three volumes
Libri & Liberi - Journal of Research on Children's Literature and Culture, Zagreb, Croatia, February 28, 2016

Alice150 - First-Hand Reports
by Jon A. Lindseth, pp. 482-484, The Translations of Alice and the Alice150 Celebration
by Stephanie Lovett, pp. 484-489, A Book, an Exhibition, a Conference, and a Phenomenon
Libri & Liberi - Journal of Research on Children's Literature and Culture, Zagreb, Croatia, February 28, 2016

Alice in a World of Wonderlands
by Lenny De Rooy
Alice-In-Wonderland.net Blog, August 21, 2015

Announcement of the book, conference and exhibition, on the blog of Lenny De Rooy, the Dutch contributor.
Updated February 2, 2016 with links to the conference videos.

Alice in a World of Wonderlands
L'Office du Jèrriais Blog, August 24, 2015

Bi-lingual announcement of the book, conference and exhibition, with special attention to Jèrriais, the language of the island of Jersey and the contributor Geraint Jennings.

Alice in Wonderland continues to inspire readers across the world
by Jaya Bhattacharji Rose
Hindustan Times, October 18, 2015, Sunday Supplement

The author's blog reprints her story about Alice in and out of India, complete with photos, from the Hindustan Times.

The Mad Challenge of Translating Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
by Andrea Appleton
Smithsonian Magazine Online, July 23, 2015

Subtitled: Explore the linguistic tricks used to make Lewis Carroll's puns, parodies and nonsense accessible in hundreds of tongues.

Alice in Wonderland Turns 150 (PDF)
by Brenda Cronin
The Wall Street Journal Online, [updated] June 10, 2015

(WSJ subscription may be needed to read the article online)
Subtitled: For the anniversary of ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ translations into Pashto, Esperanto, emoji and Blissymbols.

Alice in a World of Wonderlands — PART I: The Project
Alice in a World of Wonderlands — PART II: The Books
by Justine Houyaux
"Found in Wonderland" blog, July 9 and August 9, 2015
Justine Houyaux is a lecturer and a PhD candidate at the Faculté de Traduction et d’Interprétation at the University of Mons in Belgium, and a contributor to this project.

Nonsense Verse
by Sadie Stein
The Paris Review Online, October 5, 2015

The Secret Victorianist at the Grolier Club: Alice in a World of Wonderlands
The Secret Victorianist Blog, October 17, 2015

A sampling of the items on exhibition at The Grolier Club.

Alice in a World of Wonderlands Opens at the Grolier
Oak Knoll Books Blog, September 29, 2015

Coverage of the opening reception of the exhibition at the Grolier Club

Alicia en el país de las palabras (in Spanish)
by José Antonio Millan
El País (newspaper, online), February 8, 2016

Subtitled: A monumental work of 9 kg compiles and celebrates the tens of thousands of translations and editions of Carroll's novel.

Related Articles
Articles related to translating Alice, especially by or about the contributors to Alice in a World of Wonderlands

Nancy's Wonderland (PDF)
by Nick Gibbs
South Australian Life (SALife) Magazine, September, 2015, pp. 124-125

Subtitled: The story of the first Australian adaptation of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland rivals Lewis Carroll's widest imaginings.

U.VA Joins the Celebration of Alice at 150, Even in Old English
by Anne E. Bromley
UVA Today (University of Virginia Online), September 2, 2015

An article about Peter S. Baker, English professor at U. Va. since 1992, medieval scholar, and contributor to this book, on the challenge of translating 'Alice' into Old English.

Alice in Wonderland In Te Reo Ma-ori (Audio)
Radio Interview with Tom Roa
Radio New Zealand, October 14, 2015, 10.5 minutes

Subtitled: Tom Roa has spent the past three years, translating Alice in Wonderland into te reo Māori. Tom is a senior lecturer at the School of Maori and Pacific Development at the University of Waikato. And he has a long-held fascination with the Lewis Carroll book.

Meet the Author Who Translates Classic Literature Into Emoji

by Brenda Cronin
The Wall Street Journal Online, November 18, 2015
With emojis going mainstream, London artist and publisher Joe Hale wants everyone to be fluent.

Earliest Chinese Editions of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland at Princeton
by Minjie Chen
Cotsen Children’s Library Curatorial Blog, Princeton University, January 29, 2016